Danish Imam caught on tape teaching about stoning and whipping

The by now infamous Imam, Oussama El Saadi, who has condoned suicide bombings while he knew he was being filmed, is once again in the media regarding “his” Mosque.

A new documentary has been made about the Mosque in Grimhøj, a suburb to Aarhus.
TV 2 (2nd oldest TV station) claims that they can prove that teachings about stoning and whippings occur at the Mosque. The channel has used hidden cameras.

When the chairman of the Mosque knows he is being filmed, he says that muslims should respect the Danish laws and take part in society in Denmark.
But when he thinks he is not being filmed; Abu Bilal changes his tune and starts teaching about stonings and whippings.

The teaching goes on in a room in the Mosque where a group of women and children are being “educated” in Sharia-law.

The footage is from an upcoming program that roughly translates to “The Mosques unmasked”.

He mentions you can kill a muslim in three cases:
1. If a married or divorced wife has fornication, and she is not a virgin and she commits adultery, she must be stoned to death.
2. If you kill a muslim, you yourself must be killed.
3. If you leave Islam, you must also be killed.

Naser Khader, a member of The Conservative Party and former muslim, now cultural-Christian, says: “They believe in the same as ISIS and al-Qaeda. They want Sharia-law, as well. Therefore we must close the Mosque.”