Child brides present at Danish asylum centers, & the leaders allow it!

There are currently around 8-10 child brides present at Danish asylum centers.
Some of them being imported by people who have a residence permit.
The men are allowed to sleep with them in the weekends.

That is according to MetroXpress (Denmark’s most popular free newspaper)


Girls down to the age of 14 seek asylum in Denmark as child brides.
The younger ones stay at a special asylum center for children.
Many of them have a husband with a residence permit.
They are allowed to sleep with their older husbands in the weekends.

Several political parties wish to stop this.
Naser Khader (very responsible conservative who is pretty much against Islam all together) says that these people should not be allowed to get asylum at all.

Sofie Carsten Nielsen from the political party “De radikale” literally translating to “The radicals” says: “It is in regards to the law the same as mismanagement of children. If a 14 year old is married, it must be arranged. The asylum center and police need to respond to this.

Integration Minister Inger Støjberg (very hated for her stand on immigration) wants to stop that the children are allowed to sleep with their husbands in the weekends.

Age of consent in Denmark is according to a quick Google search 15 years old.
You can get married at 18.

This is PC out of control. People are so afraid to be called racist that they will go along with ANYTHING and allow ANYTHING from Muslims, even pedophilia!

Second source:


Dad gets 1 year for molesting daughter for years

This is the Denmark we Danes know, but that the rest of the world has no idea about, because the media portrays us as paradise. But how would you feel if you got raped continuously, and the perpetrator got a year in a luxury jail cell, which resembles a hotel room more than a jail cell?
Jamie Oliver has been outspoken about this problem and how the elderly in the nursing homes are treated worse than the criminals.

Skærmbillede 2014-07-17 kl

Danish jails and prisons are like 5 star hotels according to many inmates, including Dumitru Pacuta,
a tourist-criminal who came to Denmark from Romania to do burglaries because it’s known around Europe that Denmark is a criminal’s paradise.
Hear his story here:

But back to the main point: A dad got sentenced to one year in prison for having molested his daughter for years.
This is a 46 year old man from Roskilde, according to prosecutor Louise Hansen from the Danish police when she spoke to Ritzau.

It went on from 2006 to 2013. The girl is born in 2002, so she was only around four or five when the dad began molesting her.

The girl’s mother turned him in. The parents don’t live together.

And this is nothing new, this is very standard procedure for the Danish justice system to give obscenely short sentences, which really are more cozy than punishing, seeing how they in the prisons get Christmas gifts (expensive perfumes, chocolate boxes), and they go on trips that are paid for by the tax-payers.

So you might get raped or assaulted, and next thing you know, you’re giving the perpetrator money.
Yes, this even goes for murderers.

Source for the rape conviction:

Check out these pictures from Danish prisons:


Child-dungeon found at possible pedo’s house

The police in Norway have found a child-dungeon in the house
of a 40 year old man who’s been charged with molesting/raping
an under-aged boy.
It is sound-proof and heavily isolated.
It has a fridge, children’s books, Lego,
candy and bed-sheets with Super Mario characters.

On the wall was a surveillance camera.
That was the sight that met Norwegian police when they raided
the 40 year old man’s house. He has no wife nor kids and has
worked in several schools and a SFO (which is hard to translate,
but it’s basically a kindergarten for toddlers, that they can go
to in their free time after school.)

The man claims the room is there and looks like it does as a “compensation”
to himself, because he never got kids.
But what’s up with the camera then?

More here:

Is this parliamentary candidate covering over a pedophile network?

Very popular poet and now also parliamentary candidate Yahya Hassan is possibly holding back information about a criminal network whose crimes include drug dealing, human trafficking and arms sales.
He made a speech on the 7th of April, in which he at one point said:

“I am willing to tell police where criminals keep their stolen goods, where there is being sold hash and weapons and narcotics and little girls in Århus and around the city of Århus. I am willing to be a snitch to the police and bring them information about criminal activities that go on in the zip-codes 8210 and 8220, and I shall be the first to identify a handful of my own cousins and people in the circle of my family, if in return the tax authorities would be willing to cross-reference ‘supplement-Denmark’.”

It needs to be said that the very last part of this was hard to translate, because Yahya Hassan used unofficial words. Not slang-words, but contracted words. And not words like:
“I’ve, he’s, she’s, who’s”, but contractions of words you don’t usually hear being contracted and therefore can be hard to make sense of, but they have however been directly translated.

Anyway, many argue that he could be speaking metaphorically, while others
point out that this would have had to be a very detailed metaphor, seeing how he mentions two specific area codes and his own cousins.

So far, only two alternative media sites have talked about this, despite the comments having been made a few days ago.
No other media has brought it up.

Alternative news site brings up the point that maybe this is in fear of being called racist
and that in the UK, there have been cases of pedophile-networks among Muslims.
And that the authorities ignored numerous warnings and reports of this in fear of being called racists.

Yahya Hassan’s words can be seen in this video from 48:41 to 48:52:

What do you think? Is Yahya Hassan holding back useful information to the police about a pedophile-network? Or are people misunderstanding his words?

Man murdered 4 year old ALMOST RAPED HER, now he downloads child porn in jail

A 41 year old man who’s in jail for strangling a 4 year old girl with the intention of later using her for sex has downloaded thousands of child pornography pictures and videos while in jail.

The man is charged with possession of child pornography, and the case will be handled in court next Thursday.

The 41 year old cannot be punished further because he’s in custody, says senior prosecutor Charlotte Grænge Larsen.
But the case will still go to court as a sign that you cannot do whatever you want just because you’re in custody.

The man also tried to murder his mother with a wire cord approximately 14 years ago.

The man’s defender and lawyer does not wish to comment on the case.




A cosey look into a Danish prison (Christmas gifts, skiing trips, drugs, going to the theater)

If you don’t know by now, which you probably don’t because the media always praises Denmark no matter what; our prisons and jails are 5 star hotels.
They let the prisoners smoke weed, do drugs, go to the theater and on skiing trips, and now it’s in the media, thanks to Danish newspaper BT, that they also get Christmas gifts paid by the tax-payers.

This goes for murderers. They get Chanel-perfumes, three kilo chocolate boxes and clothes.
Many people on social media are (rightfully) upset, but a lot also believe that this is the way to go.
Some months ago (last year), a male in his mid-teens murdered a 77 year old woman, raped her, stole her credit card and bought sex-toys with her card.
And he is probably one of the inmates that will be receiving Christmas gifts.
All Danish prisons are luxurious, but this situation only goes on for the teenage-inmates, supposedly.

A Romanian prisoners in Denmark calls it a 5 star hotel.
And so do many others.
Here is a clip with the guy. He speaks English:

(The politicians haven’t changed anything like they said they would in the clip)

So this might come as a chock to many located outside the states, but this is what goes on here.
Crime pays, and Denmark is the best country in the world if you’re in prison.
Let me show you a clip, as well, of some people baking weed brownies and smoking weed in prison:

Recently, I (the citizen journalist) saw an inmate post a picture on a Facebook-post on this very topic of a man doing a line of meth-amphetamine, and he typed which jail it was from.

Here are some relevant pictures and links:

Skærmbillede 2014-07-17 kl

Criminals think prison is cosey (Danish language): << Jamie Oliver talks on the subject of how cozy Danish prisons are, even for pedophiles