Swedish police caught keeping refugee’s crimes a secret

Crimes where refugees or immigrants are involved, are being kept secret in Sweden.
And the police’s resources on these crimes are being kept secret too.

NO INFORMATION MUST LEAK” says a note from the Swedish police that a news-outlet got their hands on. (Dagens Nyheter)

Code “291”

Investigation of violence, threats and other crimes get the code “291” and thereby gets kept secret for the media.
That goes for all cases where the suspect, the victim or a witness is a migrant or refugee.
And all crimes that can somehow be connected to the refugee situation also gets kept secret.

“It doesn’t happen for political reasons, but because 291-cases are considered to be intern and not for the media”, says a spokesperson from the police.

Sweden is by the way one of the countries that have received the most refugees and immigrants.

Political correctness

It definitely is worth mentioning that Sweden is the most PC country in the world.
Just a few days ago, a kid was reported for using the word “eskimo” and was told:
“That is a very racist word, just like ‘negro’ which means slave.”

Source for that story: http://www.bt.dk/brevkasser/annettes-klumme-min-soen-blev-indberettet-for-at-skrive-eskimo-i-en-skoleopgave
And source for the original story: http://www.bt.dk/udland/hemmeligt-notat-afsloerer-saadan-holdes-flygtninges-kriminalitet-hemmeligt-af-svens


Rape: 1 year in jail. Joke about Islam: 2 years

If you tell a joke about Islam in Denmark, you risk two years in jail, but if you rape unconscious teens; expect only a year.
This has been documented once and for all recently.
A man posted a joke on FB about Islam/Muslims that went:

“Mom, why don’t we eat monkeys?
– Because we are related to them.
Is that why Muslims don’t eat pigs?”

A woman then shared the post 5 days later and got some bad reactions.
The man was turned in to the police of Fyn (which is a Danish island).
And the police took the case so seriously that he has been charged according to the
racism paragraph which includes slander of race, skin-color, nationality or ethnicity, faith or sexuality.

The woman also got in trouble for merely sharing the man’s post.
They are both in court today.
The punishment can vary from fines to up to two years in jail/prison.

Source: http://ekstrabladet.dk/112/mand-og-kvinde-tiltalt-for-at-sammenligne-muslimer-med-grise/5688615

Citizen journalist’s note: Islam is not a race. It is impossible to be racist against
a religion. So when they include faith and for example sexuality in the “racism paragraph”
in the law/constitution of Denmark, that means that people who are not racist can legally be
called racists in the media and everywhere else.
That is pure deception, incorrectness, ignorance and injustice.

islam meme racist islampic

That happened to Islam-critic Lars Hedegaard who calls his ruling scandalous, stating:
“I’m not a racist. Islam is not a race. It’s nonsense.”

Oh, I almost forgot the rape point.
If you don’t believe that, then here is just one example:
An ambulance worker/paramedic raped a 17 year old unconscious girl IN THE AMBULANCE.
He even asked the other paramedic who drove to turn the siren on, so it would be harder to get
caught, which the driver did:

He was also ruled to pay a little compensation, but that doesn’t change anything
when the jails/prisons look like this:

Skærmbillede 2014-07-17 kl

It has also happened that pedophiles only get one year.