Danish mall has three Muslim prayer-rooms and signs in Arabic everywhere

A citizen journalist in the city of Odense took some pretty wild pictures recently as this person visited Vollsmose; a Muslim ghetto.

There are three prayer rooms in the malls and signs in Arabic everywhere.
(All photos will be listed in the end of the article)

The citizen journalist in his/her anonymous article (published on https://denkorteavis.dk/2016/pa-sightseeing-i-vollsmose-centret/ ) also says that when he/she with his/her partner chose to park at the police station because they had valuables in their car, they saw that the police vehicles were behind huge fences with barbwire, making it look like the police can’t have their vehicles in peace.

Many stores only have Arabic signs, and there are no Danish employees.
Only Arabs and North-Africans.
There are very few women, and the few present are all dressed in accordance to Islam.

The citizen journalist, on his/her visit to Vollsmose, also saw that all the cheap apartment neighborhoods had satellite dishes installed. (Not a lot of Danish TV being watched)


ISIS flags waved proudly in largely Muslim-populated Danish city

In the Danish city or suburb Gellerup, several Muslims are driving around on their mopeds/scooters, waving ISIS flags around. The word is that many have started to grow out big beards, and they drive
around with replica machine guns.

The word is coming from the police, who classify the people doing this as “rødder”, which you can call a light version of “thug”. It basically means thug, but when you say “rødder”, it sounds a little more friendly and typically goes for teens.

Jens Espensen, leader of the local police station in Gellerup, states:
“It is worrying that young Muslims have started showing clear sign of sympathy for the Islamic State.
The thugs we normally have problems with who steal scooters, sell weed, etc, have gotten a new interest. They grow their beards out, they go to the mosque and drive around with ISIS flags and fake AK47s.
This certainly doesn’t make it easier to be an officer in the area.”

On January 12th, three young men were also driving around in a car with fake (and probably stolen, according to police) machine guns right around the newspaper “Jyllands Posten”, who now looks like this because of the constant threat from radical Muslims that are upset about the Muhammad drawings:


The day before the terror-attack in Copenhagen, an imam named Hajj Saaed from Nørrebro within Copenhagen, declared war on Jews. The link to that story is listed in “sources” in the bottom of this article.

Of course not all Muslims condone the terror of ISIS.
Mohammed Adnan says:
Skærmbillede 2015-02-21 kl. 00.25.41
“So tired of them, they make the rest of us look bad. When are they gonna get, that what they do isn’t solving anything? Disgusting”
Ali agrees, saying: “Great! More brainwashed idiots. I don’t get what they are doing in Denmark. Go to Saudi Arabia! Here we have the chance for a good future, and then these people choose to run around and honor terrorist. Get them out!”