Child brides present at Danish asylum centers, & the leaders allow it!

There are currently around 8-10 child brides present at Danish asylum centers.
Some of them being imported by people who have a residence permit.
The men are allowed to sleep with them in the weekends.

That is according to MetroXpress (Denmark’s most popular free newspaper)


Girls down to the age of 14 seek asylum in Denmark as child brides.
The younger ones stay at a special asylum center for children.
Many of them have a husband with a residence permit.
They are allowed to sleep with their older husbands in the weekends.

Several political parties wish to stop this.
Naser Khader (very responsible conservative who is pretty much against Islam all together) says that these people should not be allowed to get asylum at all.

Sofie Carsten Nielsen from the political party “De radikale” literally translating to “The radicals” says: “It is in regards to the law the same as mismanagement of children. If a 14 year old is married, it must be arranged. The asylum center and police need to respond to this.

Integration Minister Inger Støjberg (very hated for her stand on immigration) wants to stop that the children are allowed to sleep with their husbands in the weekends.

Age of consent in Denmark is according to a quick Google search 15 years old.
You can get married at 18.

This is PC out of control. People are so afraid to be called racist that they will go along with ANYTHING and allow ANYTHING from Muslims, even pedophilia!

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Crosses in Norway to be removed to please Muslims — not if one guy can help it!

Several organizations in Norway can be chosen to house refugees, and in that regards; the Christian crosses must be removed.
But one organization refuses.

“Love comes from the cross, and it will stay up
as long as I am alive”

That is a statement from Rune Edvardsen who is a part of the Norwegian
Christian union called “Troens Bevis” or loosely/quickly translated: “The faith’s proof”.
The statement was posted by him on Facebook.

Several others organizations willingly removed the crosses, says the Norwegian TV channel “TV 2”.

Even the Danes, who mostly only are cultural Christians, are fed up, if you look at some of the Facebook comments:


Tasha: “It’s way too much what’s going on!
Leave our culture and religion in peace!”

Berit: What the hell is going on, are we no supposed to walk
on eggshells with our religion? That’s not exactly what Muslims
are known for doing…


The Quran is the new best-seller in Denmark

The most popular audiobook isn’t written by any of the usually popular, famous, Danish authors.
It is an audio-version of the Quran which got released last friday.

The voice that reads is the one of Isam Bachiri, a famous, Danish singer with Middle Eastern background.

Author Amér Majid, who was born in Denmark, has done the translating.
It took six years to translate it, but recording the audio only took a year and a half.

The audiobook is 17 hours long, while the e-book is about 600 pages.

One is inclined to asking whether it is out of fear or sincerity that a lot of Danes on Facebook
has commented that they are happy about the Quran topping the charts.

Skærmbillede 2015-07-22 kl. 16.38.02

“I am Christian, and I take my faith serious.
But I plan to read the Quran, because you can’t be against something you know nothing about.”

Skærmbillede 2015-07-22 kl. 16.38.29

Nashad: “There are only 8 comments on this post so far.
Soon there will be tons of evil, idiotic, Islamophobic and irrelevant comments.
If you have nothing good to say, don’t talk.”

Christian: “I actually would like to listen to it.
Even though I am a Christian, it could be interesting.”

Per: “The Quran is a book that many love to talk about without having read it.
So if a lot has bought it, then good.”

These are all top comments on the Facebook page of Denmark’s second biggest TV station.
A few are not satisfied with this news, however:

Skærmbillede 2015-07-22 kl. 16.39.01

Tomas: “It’s still in the fiction-genre.”

Ronni: “No surprise. We have quite a few Muslims around here.”

The statistics:

According the the official Danish statistics, immigrants from the Middle East and Africa are the
ones committing the most crime.
Every fourth have been in trouble with the law. Again, according to official statistics.
Young males with non-Western background are responsible for a big part of the crime in Denmark.

27% of male immigrants from non-Western countries aged 20-24 years old have been found guilty
in crime in 2013.
This means that this group is significantly more criminal than both Danes and immigrants that are from Western countries in the same age-group

In the case of immigrants from Western countries in the same age-group, the percentage is 13.
And for Danes with Danish origin also in the same age-group, the percentage is 11.

Especially people with roots in Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Morocco and Somalia have contributed to the bustle and rush of the courts.

The Ghetto areas:

It was recently in the news that “Hjem is”, which is an ice-cream truck company, has stopped driving around in some of the heavily Muslim-populated towns after they had been robbed, assaulted and harassed.
It is so bad that the company now hires ice-cream sellers with a background in law enforcement.

Here is an article about that from a Danish newspaper:

Skærmbillede 2015-07-22 kl. 18.49.29

Also, relatively recently, it was in the news that young Muslim men drove around on their scooters,
waving ISIS flags around and a lot of other unpleasant stories.

Other quick facts:

The statistics also show that non-Westerns get lower grades in school,
and this is also the case for the immigrants children.

Children of Vietnamese immigrants however get the highest grades in school among non-Westerns.

65% of non-Western immigrants in the age-group 55-59 are on public welfare.
For people with Danish origin, the percentage is only 26.


NOTE: This blog is far from being racist. These are just the statistics that you are welcome to look up for yourself.
And also, Islam is not a race, it is a religion, so it is impossible to be racist against it.
Middle Eastern doesn’t automatically mean Muslim. There are many Christians in the Middle East.