Danish home invasion victims beat up for half an hour and tied up

Several masked men assaulted Tuesday night a family in the city of Gentofte.
After this they searched their house.
There were four masked men, and they made their way into a house, and the victims of this was a mother (37) and her daughter (17).

Later, the dad of the house (54) returned as they were leaving, and when they saw him, they knocked him out.

Denmark is the country in Europe with the most burglaries and home invasions.


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Danish man compared Islam to Nazism and got fined

A Danish man named Flemming Nielsen must pay up for comparing Islam to Nazism in a Facebook comment.
That is what the court in Helsingør has decided.
He must also pay expenses.

What Flemming commented was as follows:
The ideology of Islam is just as loathsome, disgusting, suppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The mass immigration we are now seeing is the most destructive thing that has happened to the Danish society in recent history.

On the news page, the Danes have answered a poll, and the answers so far are:


8,56% says the fines need to be higher and that 242,69 USD is too small a fine.
5,9% says that the amount of money he needs to pay is fair
83,54% says that he never should have been turned in
2,4% say I do not know

Side note: You cannot trust the Danish legal system. It is VERY normal for a pedophile in Denmark to get approximately 1,5 to 2 years for rape of a child. Absolutely crazy. And on top of that, the jails are very luxurious and cozy. More so than the nursing homes, which Jamie Oliver has also talked about.

Source: http://ekstrabladet.dk/112/flemming-raser-blev-doemt-for-racisme-for-at-skrive-dette-paa-facebook/5948826

Danish rapper did coke before family-show

Danish rapper Jokeren (The Joker) admitted to
doing coke on a live talkshow and said that before
he came out to do the interview, he had just done
a line of coke (and some legal drugs and some alcohol).
Here he is seen with an anti-Christ shirt, puffing on a cigarette:


Jokeren hinted that he wanted all drugs legalized.
And does not seem to consider his cocaine-use a problem.
Even though he in songs in the past has said that he was tired of drugs
and that it’s not worth taking them:

Jokeren has a daughter who was born in 2008 according to Wikipedia.
It is 100% for sure that he has a daughter, but the “according to Wikipedia”
part is about the age of the daughter.

Source: http://ekstrabladet.dk/flash/dkkendte/dansk-rapper-jeg-sniffede-kokain-inden-aftenshowet/5814538

93% of Danish Muslims against Muhammad-drawings

With time, Muslims have not changed their opinions about the drawings of Muhammd.
93% of Danish Muslims say it was wrong to draw them and publish them.
Anti-Islamic politican Pia Kjærsgaard is not surprised.
She is good friends with Naser Khader of Arab descent who also fights against radical Islam.

New giant mosque opens in Copenhagen, PC Danes ecstatic

New giant mosque opens in Copenhagen. It is the biggest so far.
It is 32 meters tall, and most Danes on Facebook are very cool with it,
some of them saying:
Skærmbillede 2015-10-01 kl. 17.23.54
“It’s beautiful and will give joy to many Muslims, congratulations.”

“It’s beautiful! I’m not from Copenhagen, but if I were, I would be proud.
I’m a Christian, but I think Muslims should have a right to have their mosques.”

“It’s pretty, nice with a little color in the city”

“Congratulations! Sadly I can’t come to the opening ceremony, but is it like churches
where you can just walk in?”

Another mosque in Denmark have inspired a relatively big amount of people to commit terrorist-acts and blow themselves up. It’s called Grimhøj moskeen.

Dad gets 1 year for molesting daughter for years

This is the Denmark we Danes know, but that the rest of the world has no idea about, because the media portrays us as paradise. But how would you feel if you got raped continuously, and the perpetrator got a year in a luxury jail cell, which resembles a hotel room more than a jail cell?
Jamie Oliver has been outspoken about this problem and how the elderly in the nursing homes are treated worse than the criminals.

Skærmbillede 2014-07-17 kl

Danish jails and prisons are like 5 star hotels according to many inmates, including Dumitru Pacuta,
a tourist-criminal who came to Denmark from Romania to do burglaries because it’s known around Europe that Denmark is a criminal’s paradise.
Hear his story here: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/samfund/2014-03-13-rum%C3%A6ner-dansk-f%C3%A6ngsel-er-som-femstjernet-hotel

But back to the main point: A dad got sentenced to one year in prison for having molested his daughter for years.
This is a 46 year old man from Roskilde, according to prosecutor Louise Hansen from the Danish police when she spoke to Ritzau.

It went on from 2006 to 2013. The girl is born in 2002, so she was only around four or five when the dad began molesting her.

The girl’s mother turned him in. The parents don’t live together.

And this is nothing new, this is very standard procedure for the Danish justice system to give obscenely short sentences, which really are more cozy than punishing, seeing how they in the prisons get Christmas gifts (expensive perfumes, chocolate boxes), and they go on trips that are paid for by the tax-payers.

So you might get raped or assaulted, and next thing you know, you’re giving the perpetrator money.
Yes, this even goes for murderers.

Source for the rape conviction:

Check out these pictures from Danish prisons:


Nursing home gets turned into an LGBT-nursing home

A Danish nursing home in Copenhagen has just gotten turned into
an LGBT-nursing home.
It used to just be a regular nursing home, but someone in control
and power decided that now it should become an LGBT-nursing home.

83 year old Helge Madsen lives at the home, and he is a homosexual, and he says
it took him four years to tell the staff.
So maybe that is why they decided to make it a home that is very
welcoming towards people of his group and officially call it an LGBT-nursing
home or “rainbow home”.

Helge is very happy about the new name.
In Sweden there is a nursing home only for LGBT-people where heterosexuals
are not welcome.

It is not clear whether there was a vote about this among the residents.

(The featured image is not of the nursing home, but it is taken today
by a nightly talk-show, and it is the building in which they have their studio.
It is illuminated in the rainbow colors to celebrate gay pride.)

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