Danish home invasion victims beat up for half an hour and tied up

Several masked men assaulted Tuesday night a family in the city of Gentofte.
After this they searched their house.
There were four masked men, and they made their way into a house, and the victims of this was a mother (37) and her daughter (17).

Later, the dad of the house (54) returned as they were leaving, and when they saw him, they knocked him out.

Denmark is the country in Europe with the most burglaries and home invasions.


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Danish rapper did coke before family-show

Danish rapper Jokeren (The Joker) admitted to
doing coke on a live talkshow and said that before
he came out to do the interview, he had just done
a line of coke (and some legal drugs and some alcohol).
Here he is seen with an anti-Christ shirt, puffing on a cigarette:


Jokeren hinted that he wanted all drugs legalized.
And does not seem to consider his cocaine-use a problem.
Even though he in songs in the past has said that he was tired of drugs
and that it’s not worth taking them:

Jokeren has a daughter who was born in 2008 according to Wikipedia.
It is 100% for sure that he has a daughter, but the “according to Wikipedia”
part is about the age of the daughter.

Source: http://ekstrabladet.dk/flash/dkkendte/dansk-rapper-jeg-sniffede-kokain-inden-aftenshowet/5814538

Man murdered 4 year old ALMOST RAPED HER, now he downloads child porn in jail

A 41 year old man who’s in jail for strangling a 4 year old girl with the intention of later using her for sex has downloaded thousands of child pornography pictures and videos while in jail.

The man is charged with possession of child pornography, and the case will be handled in court next Thursday.

The 41 year old cannot be punished further because he’s in custody, says senior prosecutor Charlotte Grænge Larsen.
But the case will still go to court as a sign that you cannot do whatever you want just because you’re in custody.

The man also tried to murder his mother with a wire cord approximately 14 years ago.

The man’s defender and lawyer does not wish to comment on the case.



Source: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/krimi/2015-04-09-kvalte-fireaarig-pige-i-2001-downloader-boerneporno-mens-han-sidder-i-forvaring

As Baptisms Drop in Numbers, Divorces and Cases of Cheating Skyrocket (Video)

The number of baptized children have dropped with over 18% over the last five years — according to the church ministry of Denmark.
The reason for this is that the parents do not wish to make the choice for their children.
So says Karen Marie Sø Leth-Nissen, a theologian who is in the middle of a study as to why more and more parents don’t get their children baptized.

She adds:
“The main reason why parents don’t get their kids baptized is because they feel it should be up
to the kids when they grow older.
It’s a sign of the individualization that is a mega-trend in our society.”

Meanwhile divorces in Denmark skyrocket.
In 2014, 19.435 married couples got divorced — the highest number ever.
Remember, Denmark is a small country with only 5.659.715 citizens.

It also surfaced (once again) that Denmark is the second most unfaithful nation in the world
and the most unfaithful in Europe.
Wikipedia hysterically states that there are 4.634.250 Christians living in Denmark, approximately 83 percent, which couldn’t be more false.
Denmark is extremely hostile towards Christianity.
You have to live here like I do to really grasp how much it is hated,
but this screenshot tells it pretty well.
It’s a screenshot from Facebook, and the oldest television station in Denmark called Denmark’s Radio posted an article about what was previously mentioned, that baptisms drop in numbers drastically.
The comments reflect society very well.
Keep in mind that this Facebook page has many different likers, since the TV station has shows for everyone, so this is in fact the general opinion.

Casper Jensen with 105 likes calls Christianity superstition.
Kasper Pedersen’s image speaks pretty clearly.
And this is the general opinion you get everywhere.

If you wish to see for yourself how romantic life works in Denmark,
this short video will demonstrate how easy it is to cheat by logging into
a website specifically designed for cheating on your partner.

So maybe there is a connection here.
No Christ = A lot of cheating and divorcing.
Just like a lot of vegetarians don’t eat meat because it goes against their philosophy.
On that subject, a Danish TV show’s concept for the participants is to get married the day
they meet. Each and everyone of them from both two seasons have been divorced.
Link: https://dioadk.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/in-new-tv-show-strangers-get-married-the-day-they-meet/

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New study shows: Every fifth pastor is non-Christian

A new study shows that every fifth pastor is an atheist.
They believe in God in “another form”, some of them say, and they don’t believe
in the Bible.

This has come forth in relations to a study made by the Danish
newspaper Søndagsavisen (The Sunday Paper).

During Christmas-time last year, the Danish church got in trouble
when pastor Per Ramsdal told Jyllands-Posten (The Jutland Post)
that he sometimes has to tell (what he calls) a white lie to people who’ve lost
a family member, because when he at the funeral tells them that they will be
reunited in Heaven, he doesn’t believe it.

The Sunday Paper contacted 1000 Danish pastors, and approximately 120 of them filled out the questionnaire.

26 pastors answered that they believed in God in another way than what is described in the Bible.
No one said they didn’t believe in God whatsoever.

Bo Kristian Holm, Professor of theology at the university of Aarhus, says that it is not a problem that there are agnostic or atheist pastors:

“The most important thing for a pastor is that he sees reason in what he preaches, and that he can
pass this reason onto others. It doesn’t really matter how he personally feels about concrete concepts.”

Three percent of the pastors admit that they preach stuff they don’t believe.
13 percent say “I don’t know”.

Personal notes from the citizen-journalist:

I once contacted the Danish church about spiritual advice, and they just ignored my email.
Because nowadays, churches are not where you love God, it’s merely public offices where
you go to get your name changed, etc.
I remember seeing (probably in 2010) an entire church staff (including the pastor) saying that
they didn’t believe in God on local tv (TV 2 Østjylland).
So there is truth to this. My younger brother told me that the pastor that prepared him for his communion is an atheist, and that the pastor spoke about that freely.
Which technically is honest when he admits it, but what is definitely not honesty is when you take
a job where you everyday preach stuff you don’t believe in.

Another thing is that I once followed a pastor on Twitter, who most definitely did not seem Christian.
He tweeted an individual, asking this individual to take a sneak-photo of someone at the supermarket and tweet it publicly.
Because the person had previously tweeted that something funny happened at the supermarket.
Actually I believe it was regarding someone’s pants, and that the pants looked like “something from the 80’s”.

The Bible says not to judge on appearance and looks, but I guess that didn’t matter to this “pastor”.
Nor did the golden rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
And I know he was a real pastor, because the church’s official Facebook page linked to his Twitter page.

This is the same pastor who had a booth at a festival mainly for teenage-kids, and at his booth,
he handed out condoms to the drunken festival-goes.


Now, the Bible does say “if a man is stupid, let him be stupid”,
and then in this case; the stupid man will have a condom, so he doesn’t get anyone pregnant.
But it just still seems shady to me and as a stupid attempt to be trendy and cool.
There are mixed opinions about this certain case, but as mentioned, it mostly seems like
a pathetic attempt to be hip and trendy.

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46% of Danish Married People Have Had an Affair, 2nd Most Cheating Nation

A new study shows that 46% of Danish married people have had an affair.
Every other Dane admits that they at some point in their marriage have had an affair, according to new numbers from Statista.

Denmark is number two on the list of the most cheating countries in the world.
Number one is Thailand.

It is also promoted on national TV, directly promoted by Suzanne Bjerrehus and Karen Thisted.
Two elderly women, surprisingly.
They are a duo and good friends and have had many programs on national TV.
They had a deal with a Danish newspaper to make a series of short 10-15 minute online shows each week called “Man or mice”, and in one episode Thisted stated: “I am very much pro-adultery” and went on to explain that no human is meant to be with the same partner forever, followed by a big call for adultery before the show ended.

This is still available online.

Danish TV station DR (the first Danish TV station) also posted an article promoting adultery, read more about that story here:

A Danish TV show had a segment about cheating in Denmark, which can be seen here:

The Danish divorce rate is also going drastically up.
In 2013, 36.449 people got divorced.
In 2012 it was 30.292. That’s an increase of 20%.

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ISIS flags waved proudly in largely Muslim-populated Danish city

In the Danish city or suburb Gellerup, several Muslims are driving around on their mopeds/scooters, waving ISIS flags around. The word is that many have started to grow out big beards, and they drive
around with replica machine guns.

The word is coming from the police, who classify the people doing this as “rødder”, which you can call a light version of “thug”. It basically means thug, but when you say “rødder”, it sounds a little more friendly and typically goes for teens.

Jens Espensen, leader of the local police station in Gellerup, states:
“It is worrying that young Muslims have started showing clear sign of sympathy for the Islamic State.
The thugs we normally have problems with who steal scooters, sell weed, etc, have gotten a new interest. They grow their beards out, they go to the mosque and drive around with ISIS flags and fake AK47s.
This certainly doesn’t make it easier to be an officer in the area.”

On January 12th, three young men were also driving around in a car with fake (and probably stolen, according to police) machine guns right around the newspaper “Jyllands Posten”, who now looks like this because of the constant threat from radical Muslims that are upset about the Muhammad drawings:


The day before the terror-attack in Copenhagen, an imam named Hajj Saaed from Nørrebro within Copenhagen, declared war on Jews. The link to that story is listed in “sources” in the bottom of this article.

Of course not all Muslims condone the terror of ISIS.
Mohammed Adnan says:
Skærmbillede 2015-02-21 kl. 00.25.41
“So tired of them, they make the rest of us look bad. When are they gonna get, that what they do isn’t solving anything? Disgusting”
Ali agrees, saying: “Great! More brainwashed idiots. I don’t get what they are doing in Denmark. Go to Saudi Arabia! Here we have the chance for a good future, and then these people choose to run around and honor terrorist. Get them out!”