Danish soccer fans vandalized two buses full of Japanese tourists

Extreme soccer fans don’t always make the wisest decisions.

Very recently in Denmark, this was the case when a group of fans (or hooligans) of the Danish professional soccer team “Brøndby” vandalized two buses full of Japanese tourists, because the fans thought the buses held the players of the rivaling team or just fans of the rivaling team “Club Brugge” that they soon were to compete with on the field.

Superliga_ Silkeborg IF - Brøndby IF (2-2)

The tourist-buses were parked in front of “Hotel Scandic” for the night, and they happened to be of a type distinct to Belgium, and since “Club Brugge” is a Belgian team, the Danish fans made the false assumption that the tourist-buses were associated with “Club Brugge” and decided to strike.

Cobblestones were used to vandalize with, and Brøndy-related graffiti tags were sprayed on the buses as well.

Kim Erik Hansen, a prominent figure in the Copenhagen Police Department, confirms all of this and says it’s a very serious case of vandalism.