Danish Imam caught on tape teaching about stoning and whipping

The by now infamous Imam, Oussama El Saadi, who has condoned suicide bombings while he knew he was being filmed, is once again in the media regarding “his” Mosque.

A new documentary has been made about the Mosque in Grimhøj, a suburb to Aarhus.
TV 2 (2nd oldest TV station) claims that they can prove that teachings about stoning and whippings occur at the Mosque. The channel has used hidden cameras.

When the chairman of the Mosque knows he is being filmed, he says that muslims should respect the Danish laws and take part in society in Denmark.
But when he thinks he is not being filmed; Abu Bilal changes his tune and starts teaching about stonings and whippings.

The teaching goes on in a room in the Mosque where a group of women and children are being “educated” in Sharia-law.

The footage is from an upcoming program that roughly translates to “The Mosques unmasked”.

He mentions you can kill a muslim in three cases:
1. If a married or divorced wife has fornication, and she is not a virgin and she commits adultery, she must be stoned to death.
2. If you kill a muslim, you yourself must be killed.
3. If you leave Islam, you must also be killed.

Naser Khader, a member of The Conservative Party and former muslim, now cultural-Christian, says: “They believe in the same as ISIS and al-Qaeda. They want Sharia-law, as well. Therefore we must close the Mosque.”



Danish man compared Islam to Nazism and got fined

A Danish man named Flemming Nielsen must pay up for comparing Islam to Nazism in a Facebook comment.
That is what the court in Helsingør has decided.
He must also pay expenses.

What Flemming commented was as follows:
The ideology of Islam is just as loathsome, disgusting, suppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The mass immigration we are now seeing is the most destructive thing that has happened to the Danish society in recent history.

On the news page, the Danes have answered a poll, and the answers so far are:


8,56% says the fines need to be higher and that 242,69 USD is too small a fine.
5,9% says that the amount of money he needs to pay is fair
83,54% says that he never should have been turned in
2,4% say I do not know

Side note: You cannot trust the Danish legal system. It is VERY normal for a pedophile in Denmark to get approximately 1,5 to 2 years for rape of a child. Absolutely crazy. And on top of that, the jails are very luxurious and cozy. More so than the nursing homes, which Jamie Oliver has also talked about.

Source: http://ekstrabladet.dk/112/flemming-raser-blev-doemt-for-racisme-for-at-skrive-dette-paa-facebook/5948826

Swedish police caught keeping refugee’s crimes a secret

Crimes where refugees or immigrants are involved, are being kept secret in Sweden.
And the police’s resources on these crimes are being kept secret too.

NO INFORMATION MUST LEAK” says a note from the Swedish police that a news-outlet got their hands on. (Dagens Nyheter)

Code “291”

Investigation of violence, threats and other crimes get the code “291” and thereby gets kept secret for the media.
That goes for all cases where the suspect, the victim or a witness is a migrant or refugee.
And all crimes that can somehow be connected to the refugee situation also gets kept secret.

“It doesn’t happen for political reasons, but because 291-cases are considered to be intern and not for the media”, says a spokesperson from the police.

Sweden is by the way one of the countries that have received the most refugees and immigrants.

Political correctness

It definitely is worth mentioning that Sweden is the most PC country in the world.
Just a few days ago, a kid was reported for using the word “eskimo” and was told:
“That is a very racist word, just like ‘negro’ which means slave.”

Source for that story: http://www.bt.dk/brevkasser/annettes-klumme-min-soen-blev-indberettet-for-at-skrive-eskimo-i-en-skoleopgave
And source for the original story: http://www.bt.dk/udland/hemmeligt-notat-afsloerer-saadan-holdes-flygtninges-kriminalitet-hemmeligt-af-svens

Hard to quit smoking? Try with LSD, suggests VICE

VICE, which means immoral or wicked behavior, posted on their Facebook page a story about someone who quit smoking with LSD, and they mention how many doctors agree that the LSD helped him quitting smoking.

And already in the comment section, someone wants LSD legalized, saying:
“Well there you go! Legalize LSD! You would save billions on lung-cancer operations and other diseases related to smoking!”

Skærmbillede 2015-07-26 kl. 16.07.29

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 22.46.02

When you click on the article, a doctor or two is quoted, agreeing that LSD can help people stop smoking.
The guy who got interviewed for quitting smoking cigarettes with LSD is also quoted saying:

“Some people say that drug-use is not something to advertise in a positive way, but I’m still waiting for one of them to tell me why I should be ashamed of what I did. I’m extremely happy to not be smoking cigarettes anymore. And who knows, maybe my next acid trip will make me finally hit the gym and start working out.”

There is absolutely no warning about drug-use in the article, and no side-effects are mentioned.
So their name VICE fits them very well, leading kids and young adults to think drugs are safe.

A VICE reporter, Thomas Morton, has also stated in a documentary about heroin:

“The problem isn’t heroin, but the lack of heroin.
That’s where the stealing, lying and hustling come in.
When junkies have free access to their drugs, they act like regular people.
Better than regular people actually. They share, they cooperate, they look
out for each other”

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 22.51.31

In the documentary he also smoked something a junkie handed him.
The junkie had rolled it for himself, but Thomas misunderstood and reached out for it,
thinking it was for him. The junkie then told him to just smoke it.
Which he did. There was no mention of what it was, but it was probably not tobacco, since
Thomas (regular smoker of tobacco) said: “Oh yeah, I taste that” in a tone that kind of suggested he was about to get high on something.

And this is the news outlet/production company that Obama has been working with
and giving interviews to,

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 23.02.12

which is the same as putting money in their pocket. This is who Obama thinks are good people.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. – Matthew 7:15

Is this parliamentary candidate covering over a pedophile network?

Very popular poet and now also parliamentary candidate Yahya Hassan is possibly holding back information about a criminal network whose crimes include drug dealing, human trafficking and arms sales.
He made a speech on the 7th of April, in which he at one point said:

“I am willing to tell police where criminals keep their stolen goods, where there is being sold hash and weapons and narcotics and little girls in Århus and around the city of Århus. I am willing to be a snitch to the police and bring them information about criminal activities that go on in the zip-codes 8210 and 8220, and I shall be the first to identify a handful of my own cousins and people in the circle of my family, if in return the tax authorities would be willing to cross-reference ‘supplement-Denmark’.”

It needs to be said that the very last part of this was hard to translate, because Yahya Hassan used unofficial words. Not slang-words, but contracted words. And not words like:
“I’ve, he’s, she’s, who’s”, but contractions of words you don’t usually hear being contracted and therefore can be hard to make sense of, but they have however been directly translated.

Anyway, many argue that he could be speaking metaphorically, while others
point out that this would have had to be a very detailed metaphor, seeing how he mentions two specific area codes and his own cousins.

So far, only two alternative media sites have talked about this, despite the comments having been made a few days ago.
No other media has brought it up.

Alternative news site 180grader.dk brings up the point that maybe this is in fear of being called racist
and that in the UK, there have been cases of pedophile-networks among Muslims.
And that the authorities ignored numerous warnings and reports of this in fear of being called racists.

Yahya Hassan’s words can be seen in this video from 48:41 to 48:52:

What do you think? Is Yahya Hassan holding back useful information to the police about a pedophile-network? Or are people misunderstanding his words?

Kids in the future might be able to have FIVE parents

How many parents can a kid manage?
Next year in the UK, kids can be born with DNA from three people.

A decision that has made the Norwegian Biotechnology Council consider some new possibilities.
And if it ends up with a recommendation to the government, it can create a new debate about DNA
and donor-kids in Denmark.

So says Jacob Birkler; president of The Council of Ethics, to “Kristeligt Dagblad”, a Danish publication.

“A Norwegian decision can affect Denmark, because we continuously take suggestions and ideas from foreign countries”, he continues.

The original article, which I will link to in the bottom of this page, uses technical language that is hard to translate unless you’re a doctor, but they describe how it would work if a kid were to have five parents.
I will translate as well as I can.

What it takes is as follows:

Sperm from a donor, a legal father, cells from a woman, a surrogate mother and eggs with healthy mitochondria.

And apparently that way, five people might be able to be legal parents of a child in the future.


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ISIS flags waved proudly in largely Muslim-populated Danish city

In the Danish city or suburb Gellerup, several Muslims are driving around on their mopeds/scooters, waving ISIS flags around. The word is that many have started to grow out big beards, and they drive
around with replica machine guns.

The word is coming from the police, who classify the people doing this as “rødder”, which you can call a light version of “thug”. It basically means thug, but when you say “rødder”, it sounds a little more friendly and typically goes for teens.

Jens Espensen, leader of the local police station in Gellerup, states:
“It is worrying that young Muslims have started showing clear sign of sympathy for the Islamic State.
The thugs we normally have problems with who steal scooters, sell weed, etc, have gotten a new interest. They grow their beards out, they go to the mosque and drive around with ISIS flags and fake AK47s.
This certainly doesn’t make it easier to be an officer in the area.”

On January 12th, three young men were also driving around in a car with fake (and probably stolen, according to police) machine guns right around the newspaper “Jyllands Posten”, who now looks like this because of the constant threat from radical Muslims that are upset about the Muhammad drawings:


The day before the terror-attack in Copenhagen, an imam named Hajj Saaed from Nørrebro within Copenhagen, declared war on Jews. The link to that story is listed in “sources” in the bottom of this article.

Of course not all Muslims condone the terror of ISIS.
Mohammed Adnan says:
Skærmbillede 2015-02-21 kl. 00.25.41
“So tired of them, they make the rest of us look bad. When are they gonna get, that what they do isn’t solving anything? Disgusting”
Ali agrees, saying: “Great! More brainwashed idiots. I don’t get what they are doing in Denmark. Go to Saudi Arabia! Here we have the chance for a good future, and then these people choose to run around and honor terrorist. Get them out!”