Hard to quit smoking? Try with LSD, suggests VICE

VICE, which means immoral or wicked behavior, posted on their Facebook page a story about someone who quit smoking with LSD, and they mention how many doctors agree that the LSD helped him quitting smoking.

And already in the comment section, someone wants LSD legalized, saying:
“Well there you go! Legalize LSD! You would save billions on lung-cancer operations and other diseases related to smoking!”

Skærmbillede 2015-07-26 kl. 16.07.29

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When you click on the article, a doctor or two is quoted, agreeing that LSD can help people stop smoking.
The guy who got interviewed for quitting smoking cigarettes with LSD is also quoted saying:

“Some people say that drug-use is not something to advertise in a positive way, but I’m still waiting for one of them to tell me why I should be ashamed of what I did. I’m extremely happy to not be smoking cigarettes anymore. And who knows, maybe my next acid trip will make me finally hit the gym and start working out.”

There is absolutely no warning about drug-use in the article, and no side-effects are mentioned.
So their name VICE fits them very well, leading kids and young adults to think drugs are safe.

A VICE reporter, Thomas Morton, has also stated in a documentary about heroin:

“The problem isn’t heroin, but the lack of heroin.
That’s where the stealing, lying and hustling come in.
When junkies have free access to their drugs, they act like regular people.
Better than regular people actually. They share, they cooperate, they look
out for each other”

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 22.51.31

In the documentary he also smoked something a junkie handed him.
The junkie had rolled it for himself, but Thomas misunderstood and reached out for it,
thinking it was for him. The junkie then told him to just smoke it.
Which he did. There was no mention of what it was, but it was probably not tobacco, since
Thomas (regular smoker of tobacco) said: “Oh yeah, I taste that” in a tone that kind of suggested he was about to get high on something.

And this is the news outlet/production company that Obama has been working with
and giving interviews to,

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 23.02.12

which is the same as putting money in their pocket. This is who Obama thinks are good people.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. – Matthew 7:15


Makes sense: Drunkest nation in Europe to make beer cheaper

The drunkest nation in Europe wants to make beer and other alcoholic beverages a lot cheaper.
“Lower the taxes on alcohol by 20% and make sure that Danes don’t travel to Germany to buy cheap alcohol”, the suggestion is by The Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Denmark, as mentioned, is the drunkest nation in Europe.
Some months ago Jes Dorph Petersen went on record saying that alcohol had
contributed to great depression in his life, and that it’s not good.
This was an extremely beloved Danish TV host.
Famous for over approximately 20 years and still working in the business.
But as soon as he spoke out against alcohol, everybody hated him instantly.
The Facebook commenters were furious at him.

So it’s not wonder that the Danish Chamber of Commerce wishes to make alcohol cheaper,
because they consist of Danish individuals.
Alcohol is responsible for 28.000 hospitalizations each year and kills approximately 20 people
each day in Denmark.
It would probably be a good idea to make vegetables and fruit cheaper, but that was not the suggestion.

Kids in the future might be able to have FIVE parents

How many parents can a kid manage?
Next year in the UK, kids can be born with DNA from three people.

A decision that has made the Norwegian Biotechnology Council consider some new possibilities.
And if it ends up with a recommendation to the government, it can create a new debate about DNA
and donor-kids in Denmark.

So says Jacob Birkler; president of The Council of Ethics, to “Kristeligt Dagblad”, a Danish publication.

“A Norwegian decision can affect Denmark, because we continuously take suggestions and ideas from foreign countries”, he continues.

The original article, which I will link to in the bottom of this page, uses technical language that is hard to translate unless you’re a doctor, but they describe how it would work if a kid were to have five parents.
I will translate as well as I can.

What it takes is as follows:

Sperm from a donor, a legal father, cells from a woman, a surrogate mother and eggs with healthy mitochondria.

And apparently that way, five people might be able to be legal parents of a child in the future.


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Jamie Oliver: Why do pedophiles get better food than the elderly?

Jamie Oliver, the world famous chef, is now speaking on the subject that currently is being discussed in Denmark.

A lot of saving plans are going on in Denmark, and they always save where they should not save money. For example, there was a suggestion to entirely take away Christmas Eve from the elderly at the nursing homes. That was a month ago.

But what’s happening now, is that the “inmates” in the Danish jails get much better food than the elderly. The elderly is where the system wants to save money, so they give them vacuum packed food, week old food.

Meanwhile this is what the “jails” look like:


Oliver is among other things worried about the nutrition.
He questions how good it will be after 15 days.

“You can ask yourself some questions like:
‘Do pedophiles really get better food than the elderly that might have been in war for your country?'”,
he says.

Here is a link to the original article: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/samfund/2014-10-19-stjernekok-faar-faengslede-paedofile-bedre-mad-end-de-aeldre

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Danish professor: Legalize incest and let siblings have children

Thomas Søbirk Petersen, a professor working at Roskilde University,
thinks that sex between siblings should be legal if both parts agree that they want engage in what still is called incest.

(It seems there are some typos and flaws in the original article, which I will link to in the end of this post, but I, the writer, will try to convey the message as good as I can in English.)

The professor, specializing in criminal justice ethics, brings up the point that you can minimize the risk of getting a handicapped child by using donor sperm or donor eggs.

He also points out that you can get an abortion if the fetus is handicapped.

These comments have been made after a recently heated debate in Germany about legalizing sex between siblings.
The committee on ethics say that the matter shall be discussed without prejudice.
They don’t want the matter to be taboo, even though the law still forbids it.

That is the kind of debate that Thomas Søbirk Petersen also would like to see in Denmark.

Most people on social media agree that incest is obscene and should be kept illegal,
while others support the suggestion of legalizing it, like this comment with 42 likes:

Skærmbillede 2014-10-01 kl. 21.26.08

“I think you should all relax.
This is about ADULTS that are capable of controlling their own lives and making their own decisions.
Two people that agree to it, without force.
The Government shan’t decide who you sleep with or who you make a family with.
Then you can sit on your high horse and not want to partake in this yourself, but that doesn’t give you the right to decide over other peoples lives.”

As promised, here is the link to the original article:


Additional info:

A quick Google search on Thomas Søbirk Petersen
revealed that he also thinks doping in professional sport competitions should be legal.

Amerikansk far advarer om varme biler vs. babyer

I de seneste par måneder har vi hørt en del historier om babyer eller meget små børn, som er blevet efterladt i forældrene’s bil, hvorefter de er gået bort pga. den ekstreme varme.

En Amerikansk far udsatte sig selv for hvad nogle børn desværre kommer til at opleve og opfordrer andre forældre til at tænke sig om, før de begår så dum en handling at efterlade små børn i brændvarme biler.