Eurovision “Star” Has Gay Sex With Pastor In Church In New Video

The Norwegian artist and TV host of children’s programs called Tooji,
who represented Norway in the international Eurovision song contest in 2012,
has made a lot of people talk in his home-country with his new music video
called “Father”.

In the music video you see the 28 year old singer have intimate sex with
a male pastor – right in front of the alter of a real church called Frogner Kirke in Oslo.

Along with the launch of the new song and video, Tooji now “comes out” as a homosexual.
And it’s totally on purpose he chose the church for the video.

“The song and video is about running from yourself, denying yourself, and yeah, if God is
everything and everyone, denying God.
Religion has put shame on people for too long.”, says Tooji.

Tooji and his production team that shot the video had previously asked the church
for permission to film a “poetic, symbolic and beautifully acted scene with love
between two men.”
A request that the church said yes to, to show that they are not homophobic.

(A quick point about “homophobia”)
meme i stand with phil compassion bible

.. But after having seen the video and the final result, the bishop (Ole Christian Kvarme) is furious
at Tooji and his team.

It is a fact that many people grow out of things like “transgenderism” and homosexuality.
There are famous people who have went on record about this, talking about their personal
experiences. One example is Antoine Dodson who says past life experiences made him that way:

The Eurovision song contest has become the new speaking podium for the gay community.
The rules are that there cannot be any political songs or any political talk in the
program, but all of that has been ignored for Conchita Wurst, last year’s winner.


The name has sexual undertones by the way, even though it’s a family show,
and so does the title of his song “Rise Like a Phoenix”.
“Wurst” means sausage, and we all know what phoenix rhymes with, especially
in the context of “rise”.

But how do the Danes react to this news about the porn scene shot in the church?
Let’s check some Facebook comments.

Skærmbillede 2015-06-10 kl. 19.30.47

Sandy Nielsen says: “All you who have a problem with it must have
problems with sex in general. Do you really get so upset about a video
shot in a church where homosexuals have sex?”

Mia says: “How liberating! The man is right about religion and homosexuality.”

Sexually active gay men are according to Danish numbers 13 more likely to have or
get HIV. Here is the link to that article by the oldest TV station in Denmark:
If we are to look at American studies, let’s go with the numbers from the CDC
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which are shown in these statistics:

Skærmbillede 2015-06-10 kl. 20.06.32
Skærmbillede 2015-06-10 kl. 20.07.41

So maybe it’s not hate, maybe it’s love and compassion.
The golden rule in the Bible teaches us to treat others how we want to be treated.
I (the citizen journalist) don’t want to get HIV.
When I was irresponsible and drank a lot, partied a lot, slept around,
I also preferred it when people just told me it was okay.
But looking back, I wish someone who cared about me had told me to knock it off.
Because I was breaking hearts by being a so called player.
And I thought it was cool.
Looking back, I wish someone that I would have listened to, would have told me
to stop being so irresponsible.
That’s what the golden rule is all about.

Skærmbillede 2015-06-10 kl. 20.11.30


In new TV show, strangers get married the day they meet

The show also had a previous season, and all the couples ended up getting divorced.
The show is called “Married at first sight”, and the new season will air tonight.

One of the creators, Pil Gundelach Brandstrup, say:

“‘Married at first sight’ isn’t just a love experiment. It’s also totally a show that I hope will make the viewers think about relationships in a new and different way than before.

Maybe there is something to gain if you get to know your partner in an untraditional way.
I hope it will modernize relationships so they are up to date with 2014.”

400 Danes applied to get on the show.

When they are married, we will see them living as married couples.
Including the honeymoon.
When five weeks have passed, they have to decide if they want to remain married.

Here are some of the participants:

This woman is one of the people that will get married.

This is a priest/pastor named Michael Brautch. He will function as a kind of host of the show/match-fixer for the men and women.

The show as mentioned airs tonight, and here is a link to the original article:

Three Christian rappers and their stories

There are plenty of Christian rappers, but DIOA chose three prominent figures representing the Prince of Peace.


Skærmbillede 2014-07-20 kl. 22.17.34

Freestyle- and studio-rapper, actor and proud father Jin is a Christian.
In the early 2000’s he was doing his thing on BET’s freestyle rap battle show; “Freestyle Friday”, where he annihilated every single opponent he faced with lines such as:

I’ve got fans across the country, Jin is who they feelin’
Last time he had a fan, it was spinnin’ on the ceilin’
/ I go online, and check my Hotmail, he go on the internet looking for hot males

In 2004, he dropped the classic album “The rest is history”.
He at one point considered quitting rap, and intented “I quit” to be his farewell to the game.

Luckily, he stayed around to bless the world with his inspirational music.




DMX, Earl Simmons, another legend in the rap game also is a follower of Christ.

He’s made this clear many times.. on talk shows (for example on Dr Phil in 2013), in songs (Lord, give me a sign), in interviews and on stage (Def Poetry Jam).



Skærmbillede 2014-07-20 kl. 22.18.30

Bizzle is a Houston, Texas rapper, that got popular worldwide with his Jay-Z diss, attacking Jay-Z’s involvement in the Illuminati.

In February this year, 2014, he received death threats for a song he put out.

Details can be found in this video by media analyst Mark Dice:

Less bold Christian rappers are (among many):


“I got shot five times but I’m still breathin’
Livin’ proof there’s a God if you need a reason”.
He also frequently wore crucifixes and defended Christianity.


“Headin’ down to the riverside so I can lick the omen now
When I come out of the water a new man fin’ to come alive
Revived with the Holy Ghost and tears in my eyes” – from the song “To Da River” used in the movie The Fighting Temptations.

Bushwick Bill

Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill.. there’s more to this guy than you might think.
Just watch this interview.




Amerikanere tror, at JFK døde imorges i trafikuheld

Mark Dice, forfatter og “konspirationsteoretiker” har en serie af videoer på YouTube hvor han udstiller mange Amerikanere’s ignorance ved at stille dem meget simple spørgsmål, som de fejler at svare på.

I begyndelsen af dette år faldt mange for, at John F. Kennedy lige var gået bort.
John F. Kennedy var som bekendt en af de mest populære præsidenter USA har haft,
og han blev myrdet i 1963 på åben gade.