Homo-erotic poster for movie offends mother with children

In regards to the new “Klovn” movie, some homo-erotic posters have been posted at for example bus-stops in Denmark where kids often wait for their bus to go to school.
This has upset a mother.
Most Danes on Facebook however have no problem with the poster.
There’s a big chance that this is because it’s homo-erotic, and they don’t want to seem “homophobic”, so they just go along as far as the media pushes them.

Casper Christensen, one of the “stars”, was recently in the news after he had yelled at a disabled man. He supposedly screamed “Hey, walk like a normal person, will you?!” to the disabled man who can’t help how we walks.
Casper Christensen denies this ever happened.

The two stars, Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen can be seen in this video bullying children about their looks on live tv:

It is very normal in Denmark for these kind of inappropriate things to be shown in ads in public places, here are a few examples:

movia-numse censur Skærmbillede 2015-06-30 kl. 11.02.43


Dane had 21 female reproductive organs in freezer

The 63 year old Peter Frederiksen has been arrested in South Africa after the police found 21 female reproductive organs in the mans freezer in Bloemfontein.
The man has been on “the run” from Danish police throughout 5 years.

Peter Frederiksen attends court on Monday.
But he’ll have a hard time explaining the female organs in his freezer.
It is the man’s wife from Lesotho who turned him in.

They together have to small children.

Other than the organs, the police also confiscated anesthetic medication,
surgical equipment and photos in the man’s home.

More info (and source) here: http://www.bt.dk/krimi/dansker-anholdt-i-sydafrika-med-21-kvindelige-koensorganer-i-fryseren-konen-anmeldte

Dad gets 1 year for molesting daughter for years

This is the Denmark we Danes know, but that the rest of the world has no idea about, because the media portrays us as paradise. But how would you feel if you got raped continuously, and the perpetrator got a year in a luxury jail cell, which resembles a hotel room more than a jail cell?
Jamie Oliver has been outspoken about this problem and how the elderly in the nursing homes are treated worse than the criminals.

Skærmbillede 2014-07-17 kl

Danish jails and prisons are like 5 star hotels according to many inmates, including Dumitru Pacuta,
a tourist-criminal who came to Denmark from Romania to do burglaries because it’s known around Europe that Denmark is a criminal’s paradise.
Hear his story here: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/samfund/2014-03-13-rum%C3%A6ner-dansk-f%C3%A6ngsel-er-som-femstjernet-hotel

But back to the main point: A dad got sentenced to one year in prison for having molested his daughter for years.
This is a 46 year old man from Roskilde, according to prosecutor Louise Hansen from the Danish police when she spoke to Ritzau.

It went on from 2006 to 2013. The girl is born in 2002, so she was only around four or five when the dad began molesting her.

The girl’s mother turned him in. The parents don’t live together.

And this is nothing new, this is very standard procedure for the Danish justice system to give obscenely short sentences, which really are more cozy than punishing, seeing how they in the prisons get Christmas gifts (expensive perfumes, chocolate boxes), and they go on trips that are paid for by the tax-payers.

So you might get raped or assaulted, and next thing you know, you’re giving the perpetrator money.
Yes, this even goes for murderers.

Source for the rape conviction:

Check out these pictures from Danish prisons:


Child-dungeon found at possible pedo’s house

The police in Norway have found a child-dungeon in the house
of a 40 year old man who’s been charged with molesting/raping
an under-aged boy.
It is sound-proof and heavily isolated.
It has a fridge, children’s books, Lego,
candy and bed-sheets with Super Mario characters.

On the wall was a surveillance camera.
That was the sight that met Norwegian police when they raided
the 40 year old man’s house. He has no wife nor kids and has
worked in several schools and a SFO (which is hard to translate,
but it’s basically a kindergarten for toddlers, that they can go
to in their free time after school.)

The man claims the room is there and looks like it does as a “compensation”
to himself, because he never got kids.
But what’s up with the camera then?

More here: http://www.bt.dk/udland/uhyggelig-sag-i-norge-politiet-fandt-fange-kaelder-til-boern-hos-mand-i-40erne

Pale bandages are racist, drug stores apologize and are ashamed of themselves

Swedish drug stores apologize for “racist” bandages that don’t match the darker
skin tones and promise that soon, bandages in all colors will be available.
Sweden is known for their extreme political correctness.
More here:

Shoot an armadillo? Danes want you dead

News outlet Dagens.dk, which means Denmark daily and has 140k likes on Facebook alone recently posted an article about a man who shot an armadillo, and the bullet then ricocheted and hit the shooter, leaving him severely hurt.

And literally every comment (out of 25 at the time I took the screenshot) was happy that a human had been severely hurt when his own bullet hit him, including the news outlet which posted the article with the caption: “Karma?”

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 13.16.57

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 13.17.11

Now, I personally (the citizen journalist) think hunting just as a hobby is kind of sick when it’s not for food and survival.
But this was an armadillo and not anyone’s pet or anything, and who knows, maybe he did intent to eat it? A Google search says that the meat is edible.
So did he really deserve to almost die for shooting an armadillo?
The bullet hit him in the head.

If you ask the Danes, the answer is yes.
9 hours after they posted the article, the two top comments are glad that he almost died:

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 22.11.35

“He got what he deserved, shooting an armadillo is like shooting a tank.” – Mia

“That really serves him well!” – Christina

In 2014 or 2013 I remember that another big news outlet posted a story about a mom
who had murdered her disabled grown child because she was so fed up with taking care of the child, and everyone in the comments
saw no problem with that murder of a human being.

But shoot an armadillo, possibly even for food, and you deserve to die yourself, according to Danes.

UPDATE: I (the citizen journalist) was just scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw another major news outlet bring the same story, and here the comments are the same, even slightly worse, some of them:

Skærmbillede 2015-08-02 kl. 00.00.59

Eleonora says: “Too bad the man didn’t die, because now he can do it again.”
Kenneth: “I don’t hope the animal was hurt too badly. And it sucks that the man didn’t die.”
Gullmai: “That’s a nice story, I hope he dies.”
Kurt: “Serves him well, he’s just another doofus.”

Those are the most blatant ones, and the rest are pretty much the same, just not so outspoken.

CNN blames Christians for Nepal human-sacrifice

Even though it was followers of Hinduism who murdered the 10 year old boy from Nepal in a tragic human sacrifice, CNN decides to blame Christians for the brutal murder.
This happened live on air when CNN host Ravi Agrawal said that the murderers had explained that the killing was recommended by a Christian.
He specifically used the word “priest” which can mean an ordained minister of the Catholic, Orthodox or Anglican Church.

Skærmbillede 2015-07-27 kl. 21.37.37

The word priest has nothing to do with Hinduism, Islam or any other religion other than the ones with roots in Christianity.

He could have said preacher, which does not imply a certain or specific religion.

Skærmbillede 2015-07-27 kl. 21.54.30

But Ravi Agrawal blamed Christians.
Whether this was intentional or not, you can only speculate about.
The media is known for their dirty tricks, like when they recently as a joke gave Benjamin Netanyahu a black eye during an important speech.


So maybe this is CNN’s slick, little way of pushing more anti-Christian propaganda with flat-out lies.

By the way, the Bible on human sacrifice:

Skærmbillede 2015-07-27 kl. 21.34.21
Skærmbillede 2015-07-27 kl. 21.34.27

And here it is out of the Inquisitr that they were Hindu:

Skærmbillede 2015-07-27 kl. 21.31.51

Magic is also mentioned, or sorcery, which the Bible clearly condemns.

The CNN clip can be seen here: