Shoot an armadillo? Danes want you dead

News outlet, which means Denmark daily and has 140k likes on Facebook alone recently posted an article about a man who shot an armadillo, and the bullet then ricocheted and hit the shooter, leaving him severely hurt.

And literally every comment (out of 25 at the time I took the screenshot) was happy that a human had been severely hurt when his own bullet hit him, including the news outlet which posted the article with the caption: “Karma?”

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 13.16.57

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 13.17.11

Now, I personally (the citizen journalist) think hunting just as a hobby is kind of sick when it’s not for food and survival.
But this was an armadillo and not anyone’s pet or anything, and who knows, maybe he did intent to eat it? A Google search says that the meat is edible.
So did he really deserve to almost die for shooting an armadillo?
The bullet hit him in the head.

If you ask the Danes, the answer is yes.
9 hours after they posted the article, the two top comments are glad that he almost died:

Skærmbillede 2015-08-01 kl. 22.11.35

“He got what he deserved, shooting an armadillo is like shooting a tank.” – Mia

“That really serves him well!” – Christina

In 2014 or 2013 I remember that another big news outlet posted a story about a mom
who had murdered her disabled grown child because she was so fed up with taking care of the child, and everyone in the comments
saw no problem with that murder of a human being.

But shoot an armadillo, possibly even for food, and you deserve to die yourself, according to Danes.

UPDATE: I (the citizen journalist) was just scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw another major news outlet bring the same story, and here the comments are the same, even slightly worse, some of them:

Skærmbillede 2015-08-02 kl. 00.00.59

Eleonora says: “Too bad the man didn’t die, because now he can do it again.”
Kenneth: “I don’t hope the animal was hurt too badly. And it sucks that the man didn’t die.”
Gullmai: “That’s a nice story, I hope he dies.”
Kurt: “Serves him well, he’s just another doofus.”

Those are the most blatant ones, and the rest are pretty much the same, just not so outspoken.


Someone had sex in the crowd to Pharrell’s performance at Roskilde Festival

Pharrell recently played at Roskilde, actually yesterday.
And a “couple” or maybe strangers, who know, were caught in the act — in the middle of the crowd.
Witnesses say that yes, they did indeed have sex, and that the girl getting banged even grabbed a person’s shoulders in front of her.


A large amount of hard drugs were also found at the festival a couple of days ago.

A lot of Danes think the only person who did wrong was the photographer.
And not actually the people having sex in public.

For instance:

Skærmbillede 2015-07-03 kl. 16.53.45

Pernille: Roskilde is so liberated 😀 The only thing that offends me is the photographer.

Majbrith: The most inappropriate part is the guy taking the picture, and that he then publishes it online. HE should be ashamed of himself.

Rebecca: It was a fucking good concert for those two

Major TV station directly encourages adultery

In Denmark, we have gatherings called julefrokoster.
Translates to something like Christmas gatherings.
At these gatherings, it is very normal to cheat on your partner.
It’s Danish culture. When you tell a friend you attended a julefrokost,
he most likely will ask you if you cheated.
Maybe in a joking way, but still.. it’s like you get a free pass at those annual gatherings because it is
so set in our culture.

Now, a Facebook page called “DR Nyheder” = DR News, which is the oldest TV station in Denmark, very official and professional.. You would think!

They just posted a list of six things you need to know before you attend your julefrokost.

Number three says:
“Everyone are basically in a relationship with each other (at these parties),
but it is best to leave your wedding ring at home. It will only give mixed signals.
As an alternative, you can put rings on all your fingers, and that way you can keep your wedding ring on. No one will notice it because there are so many other rings, and it will make you look like a fun guy
who’s ready to have a good time.”

The immorality continues into number four where the subject is a game where you give each other small, inexpensive gifts.
“The gift game is just as much a mating dance.
A mating dance where you roll dice.
This game allows you to initiate your flirting.
You taunt the one you love, so steal the packages from the person you want to unwrap later.”

And this list is on the TV station’s official website.

It is written by a stand-up comedian, but the other things written on the list don’t seem crazy enough
for it to just all be a joke and not serious.
Some of the other points were for example that you should remember to tell your boss if there’s anything that’s bothering you at work, because it might be easier in an informal setting and when you’re both a little drunk.

A couple of people are complaining, while the majority praise the stupid and immoral list.
Skærmbillede 2014-12-12 kl. 20.44.26

Barbara W. says that it’s a load of bullshit.
“Do I pay a license fee so you can promote adultery and binge-drinking that leads to broken families, children as victims, traffic accidents, people getting fired and hospital visits? I think I’m gonna throw up!”

Skærmbillede 2014-12-12 kl. 20.44.12

Yasmin: “Leave the wedding ring at home? Wow.. effed up julefrokost-kultur..”

And I will tell everyone reading this, that this is normal in Denmark.
If you long for the hippie 70’s, come to Denmark, we haven’t left it.
Denmark is also the most unfaithful nation in Europe, which you can
see a video about here:

Oh, and also the drunkest.

DR, by the way, is the Danish equivalent of CNN.
It is more than just news, unlike CNN, but prestige-wise and when it comes to how respected and trusted they are.

The truth about Denmark (scary stuff)

The happiest country in the world.
Where everything is good and peaceful.
Honestly I don’t have the energy to go into a long rant,
but this image says it all:


(Zoom it to read the small print)

I don’t know why they lie so much.
We have a totally false reputation.
So don’t believe the media, and not this site either, do your own research.
The links provided are from big establishment news outlets.
But go ahead and find more proof if you feel the need to.

I just wanted to get the truth out there and tell everybody that what they think of Denmark
is not how things really are.

And I only say that to try to fix the problem, instead of just ignoring it.

Also, have a look at how cozy the prisons are: