Homo-erotic poster for movie offends mother with children

In regards to the new “Klovn” movie, some homo-erotic posters have been posted at for example bus-stops in Denmark where kids often wait for their bus to go to school.
This has upset a mother.
Most Danes on Facebook however have no problem with the poster.
There’s a big chance that this is because it’s homo-erotic, and they don’t want to seem “homophobic”, so they just go along as far as the media pushes them.

Casper Christensen, one of the “stars”, was recently in the news after he had yelled at a disabled man. He supposedly screamed “Hey, walk like a normal person, will you?!” to the disabled man who can’t help how we walks.
Casper Christensen denies this ever happened.

The two stars, Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen can be seen in this video bullying children about their looks on live tv:

It is very normal in Denmark for these kind of inappropriate things to be shown in ads in public places, here are a few examples:

movia-numse censur Skærmbillede 2015-06-30 kl. 11.02.43


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