Someone had sex in the crowd to Pharrell’s performance at Roskilde Festival

Pharrell recently played at Roskilde, actually yesterday.
And a “couple” or maybe strangers, who know, were caught in the act — in the middle of the crowd.
Witnesses say that yes, they did indeed have sex, and that the girl getting banged even grabbed a person’s shoulders in front of her.


A large amount of hard drugs were also found at the festival a couple of days ago.

A lot of Danes think the only person who did wrong was the photographer.
And not actually the people having sex in public.

For instance:

Skærmbillede 2015-07-03 kl. 16.53.45

Pernille: Roskilde is so liberated 😀 The only thing that offends me is the photographer.

Majbrith: The most inappropriate part is the guy taking the picture, and that he then publishes it online. HE should be ashamed of himself.

Rebecca: It was a fucking good concert for those two


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