School takes SECOND GRADERS to tantra-sex course, calls it a “business visit”

One parent, Per J, is not happy about where his child who’s in second grade will go next week with her classmates.

The school is taking the kids (who are approximately 7-8 years old) to a place called “The Tiger’s Nest”.
The dad has heard around town that this place is a cult or a sect and that something sketchy most certainly occurs at this place.
It is proven in the past that sex-cults do exist in Denmark, that’s a documented fact, so this could very well be true.
Even if it is not a cult and it is “just” a tantra-sex course where people learn sex, is that really a place for an 8 year old?The school leader says: “We have to prepare our pupils for a good education and a good life, and a local business like The Tiger’s Nest is a good place to visit in regards to that.”This, however, is enough and over the line for even the Danes.
At least most of them.Eva Jakobsen comments on Facebook:
Skærmbillede 2015-01-26 kl. 20.34.16
“I’m not uptight at all, but there has to be a limit, and that limit has been reached!”The other comments in this screenshot basically say the same except for Christina Larsen who says:
“In our home we also have sex, does that mean our kids can’t live here?” with 17 likes.Be sure to check out the other news stories out of Denmark, that you won’t hear on mainstream television.Oh, link to original source if you think this is fake:


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