Danish professor: Legalize incest and let siblings have children

Thomas Søbirk Petersen, a professor working at Roskilde University,
thinks that sex between siblings should be legal if both parts agree that they want engage in what still is called incest.

(It seems there are some typos and flaws in the original article, which I will link to in the end of this post, but I, the writer, will try to convey the message as good as I can in English.)

The professor, specializing in criminal justice ethics, brings up the point that you can minimize the risk of getting a handicapped child by using donor sperm or donor eggs.

He also points out that you can get an abortion if the fetus is handicapped.

These comments have been made after a recently heated debate in Germany about legalizing sex between siblings.
The committee on ethics say that the matter shall be discussed without prejudice.
They don’t want the matter to be taboo, even though the law still forbids it.

That is the kind of debate that Thomas Søbirk Petersen also would like to see in Denmark.

Most people on social media agree that incest is obscene and should be kept illegal,
while others support the suggestion of legalizing it, like this comment with 42 likes:

Skærmbillede 2014-10-01 kl. 21.26.08

“I think you should all relax.
This is about ADULTS that are capable of controlling their own lives and making their own decisions.
Two people that agree to it, without force.
The Government shan’t decide who you sleep with or who you make a family with.
Then you can sit on your high horse and not want to partake in this yourself, but that doesn’t give you the right to decide over other peoples lives.”

As promised, here is the link to the original article:


Additional info:

A quick Google search on Thomas Søbirk Petersen
revealed that he also thinks doping in professional sport competitions should be legal.


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