Denmark, the most unfaithful nation in Europe

Denmark got ranked the most unfaithful nation in Europe along with Finland.
There’s a lot of mis- and disinformation about Denmark.
Being a resident of Denmark, I will say that Denmark is not the worst country in the world,
but definitely not the best either.

The divorce rate is also going drastically up.
In 2013, 36.449 people got divorced.
In 2012 it was 30.292. That’s an increase of 20%.

You could say that marriage is not being taken seriously in Denmark,
seeing how we have TV shows like “Married at first sight”.
The title is pretty self-explanatory, but to sum it up, strangers get married very, very shortly after meeting each other and without basically knowing anything about each other.

A single woman also married herself in a program for the Danish TV-station DR 2.

To get to the matter of the Danes being the most unfaithful, here is a 2 minute clip
in which a Danish female reporter tries to get sex with men in committed relationships.
To see if anyone are willing to cheat on their partners, watch the video below:


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